SPIEGEL & UTRERA, P.A. (herein “SU”) is a law firm and document preparation service which operates and practices in the areas of corporate, business, trademark, trust and estate law, as such our office will process or form your Corporation or LLC (herein “Company”), Trust or Trademark, and prepare any necessary agreements, legal documentation or representation you may require. SU utilizes the information provided to our partners, associate attorneys and employees to complete all the necessary legal documentation required by the government to process or form your Company, Trademark or Trust and to complete all agreements or legal documents you order. SU is licensed in NY, NJ, DE, IL, FL, NV and CA and, to the extent it processes documents in any other state, it acts solely as a document preparation service.

Only after a staff member from SU speaks with you and becomes familiar with the facts and circumstances of your specific situation is a SU attorney able to render you legal advice and then only if that legal advice pertains to a state where SU is licensed to practice law. If upon speaking with an SU staff member, you engage SU’s services for the processing or formation of a Company, Trust, Trademark or the preparation of any agreements or other legal documentation, then all fees are considered earned when paid unless otherwise agreed to in writing by SU.

If an order is cancelled after payment has been processed by SU, but before the Company, Trust, Trademark, agreement, legal documents or any other undertaking has been worked on by SU, SU will refund the total order amount less a cancellation fee of seventy five percent of total order. If the order is cancelled any time after that, the cancellation fee shall never be less than seventy five percent of the total order, however a SU attorney will have to review your file, ascertain how much work was completed and then submit to you a refund letter detailing the utilized portion of the fees paid to SU at which time a refund will be processed. Payments made for membership in the Spiegel & Utrera, P.A. General Counsel Club are non-refundable.

Any changes to an online order must be submitted to

Choosing a name for your Corporation, Limited Liability or Partnership should be a well thought our process. Generally, a Corporation, Limited Liability Company or Partnership name may be adopted if there is not the same as or too similar to an existing name on the state Corporation, Limited Liability or Partnership records.

When SU determines name availability, names are checked only against names of corporations, limited liability companies or partnerships registered in the state you are attempting to form your Corporation, Limited Liability Company or Partnership (e.g., a proposed corporation, limited liability company or partnership name is checked for availability only against other like corporation, limited liability company or partnership names) and only with the state agency responsible for corporate, limited liability company and partnership formations.

Names are not checked against state or federal trademark or service mark registrations nor against state or local fictitious, assumed or alternate business name registrations unless ordered by Client.

When a client provides an entity name to SU which is subsequently rejected by the State authorities for any reason, an additional charge of $69.95 plus any additional state fees shall be applicable to re-file an alternate entity name.

SU may act as initial Registered Agent and or Registered Office of the entities SU processes, additional charges shall apply for the appointment of another as Registered Agent and or Registered Office.

SU processes entities with standard capitalization. Additional charges shall apply for entities processed with non-standard capitalization.

SU will not accept any entity orders from non-owner third parties unless in SU's sole opinion all mandatory applicable state and federal requirements are fulfilled within the order.

Clients selecting the office pickup option irrevocably appoint SU as their agent to accept delivery of items ordered at and authorize SU to destroy ordered items not retrieved by client within sixty days of the ordered date.

If after 80 days, a client reports any shipment from SU or missing, SU is not able to track the delivery and will not be held responsible for any loss of the shipment.

SU accepts cash, all major credit cards, cashier’s checks and money orders. However, we do not accept personal or business checks as payment for our services.

From time to time we offer promo codes; however, promo code rebate is available only to one client owned entity. Online orders only. No third-party orders. Limit one promo code per order. Limit one promo code per credit card.

We sincerely hope that our policy will not inconvenience you.

For further communications relating to SU’s and’s Service Terms and Cancellation Policy, please contact our webmaster at  or 1-(800) 603-3900, Extension 271 or our Managing Attorney, Lawrence J. Spiegel, at (800) 603-3900, Extension 219

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