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Why limit your 401(k) investments when you can have self-direction? This strategy involves forming a Delaware single-owner limited liability company (“LLC”) with a 401(k) Plan. Plan funds would be used either to purchase real estate or other assets directly or to create a holding company which in turn would purchase such assets. When you are the Operating Manager of the LLC’s 401(k) Plan, you have “checkbook control”. That means that every time you are going to invest in a new asset or property or form a holding company to invest in assets or property, you are not required to have the plan custodian approve the transaction.

We will form your Delaware Special Purpose LLC for Self-Directed 401(k) Account under the personal direction of a qualified attorney who makes certain that all requirements are met.

The operating agreement for your Delaware LLC would allow your self-directed 401(k) Plan to choose what you would like to invest your money in. The operating agreement for the Special Purpose Limited Liability Company for Self-Directed 401(k) Account has to comply with the Internal Revenue Code, Employee Retirement Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) and corresponding regulations.

When forming any Delaware Company, we strongly recommend the owners obtain the maximum protection permitted by current Laws. One of the best ways to protect yourself is to enter into an Indemnification Agreement at the time of formation of your Delaware SPLLC for Self-Directed 401(k) Account.

For example, you may include in your Articles of Organization a special provision to protect the Managers from any actions they take on behalf of the LLC called an Indemnification clause. Basically, the LLC agrees to indemnify and hold harmless its Operating Manager(s) (those who act as agents of the LLC and represent the LLC’s interest in day to day business transactions). View our Delaware self-directed 401(k) Plan list of services, speed of service options, and shipping options below.

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Shipping information

Shipment of your Entity Records Book and Seal
  • Regular Service - $32.95
  • Next Day Service - $62.95
  • Office Pickup – No Shipping Charge, only pay processing and handling fee - $19.95
  • Regular Service outside Delaware - $32.95
  • Next Day Service outside Delaware - $62.95
Worldwide electronic transfer of documents - delivered to you the same day entity documents are ready.
  • Electronic transfer of entity records in PDF format, depending on your order, includes approximately 20 to 30 plus pages. (Excludes Entity Binder and Seal) - $25.95
  • Electronic transfer of entity records in PDF format, depending on your order, includes approximately 20 to 30 plus pages with 16 Facsimile Seals (Excludes Entity Binder) - $32.95
Shipping to Canada or North America
  • Regular Service to Canada or North America (approximately 3-5 business days for delivery) - $126.95
  • Expedited Shipping to Canada or North America (Next Day Service) - $205.95
Shipping to Mexico or South America
  • Regular Service to Mexico or South America (approximately 7 business days for delivery) - $105.95
  • Expedited Shipping to Mexico or South America (approximately 2 business days for delivery) - $213.95
Shipping to countries in Europe
  • Regular Service to Europe (approximately 4 business days for delivery) - $282.95
  • Expedited Shipping to Europe (approximately 2 business days for delivery) - $304.95
Shipping to Asia
  • Regular Service to Asia (approximately 4 business days for delivery) - $254.95
  • Expedited Shipping to Asia (approximately 3 business days for delivery) - $283.95
Shipping to Africa
  • Regular Service to Africa (approximately 4 business days for delivery) - $392.95
  • Expedited Shipping to Africa (approximately 3 business days for delivery) - $487.95
Shipping to Australia
  • Regular Service to Australia (approximately 7 business days for delivery) - $278.95
  • Expedited Shipping to Africa (approximately 3 business days for delivery) - $314.95

Speed of services

  • If you need a corporation immediately, we have many Delaware corporations, both current year and aged, which are ready for delivery. This is the best option for clients who need a corporation within 0 business days. For more information and a complete list of all our Reddi or Shelf corporations CLICK HERE or call our office at (888) 520-7800 for details.

  • If you need your LLC formed very urgently, for an additional $700 (due to higher state filing fees) we can expedite the registration of the LLC and the preparation of the LLC records and the LLC package will be ready the same day.  Please be aware that your order must be finalized with full confirmed payment and oral communications between yourself and our office prior to 1:00 p.m., Delaware time, the day of the shipment.
  • If you need your Company formed urgently, for an additional $200, we can expedite the registration of the Company, the preparation of the Corporate Records and the Corporate Package will be ready on the next business day.
  • If you need to incorporate fast, we offer a 3 Day Incorporation Service for an additional $125. We will expedite the registration of the Company, the preparation of the Corporate Records and the Corporate Package will be ready on the 3rd business day.
  • The Company Package is complete and includes Certificate of Organization, By-Laws, Company Book, Company Seal, Preliminary Name Search, State Filing Fees, and Attorneys Fees. Any additional documents or agreements you may order will also be delivered with your Company Records book. We complete your paperwork the same day you place your order and speak with us. Then your documents are immediately sent to the State of Delaware for filing. The State of Delaware files the documents received from us according to their own work flow schedule. This process varies depending on the time of year but generally takes 4 to 6 weeks. So if you need your company sooner select one of our expedited services.
  • We offer three levels of rush service. When you opt for one of our rush services, we guarantee to promptly deliver your Corporation to the State for processing, however, if the State is backlogged, you may experience a delay in receiving your documents. We strive to have all rush orders ready as soon as humanly possible, however if time is of the essence you may opt for one of our Reddi Corps which are ready for immediate delivery.


Beyond the initial corporation or LLC setup there are additional legal services that you should expect, without additional charge, from whomever you choose to form your Corporation or LLC. Each order placed with Spiegel & Utrera, P.A. includes one on one personalized service from one of our associates. We believe our clients should expect superior customer service, from our law firm. That means explaining the different issues relevant to incorporating or organizing a LLC in a manner that is easy for the client to understand. That way you as a business person can make informed choices when you set up your corporation or LLC.

There are many relevant issues you need to take into consideration but which you may not be aware of when starting a new business: different tax advantages available to you; indemnification and covenant not to sue; federal, state and local filing requirements; name protection; choices of entity structure set up; available agreements and the importance of maintaining corporate and LLC company formalities and complete records; lease reviews; and contracts.

When you use our firm to incorporate or organize your LLC, we will continue to provide you with a toll free number for a 30-day period after incorporating or organizing your LLC so that you may contact our firm whenever you need legal assistance. You can even become a member of our General Counsel Club at a discount, when you incorporate or organize your LLC, and get unlimited legal advice by phone for the entire year.

Seven Powerful Reasons to Incorporate or Organize an LLC

  • Protect yourself from personal liability
  • Business Tax Deductions
  • Minimize IRS Audits
  • Privacy
  • Use of a Marketing framework
  • Raising capital
  • Easy transfer of ownership
Overall discussion of the tax advantages of incorporating or organizing a LLC

Spiegel & Utrera, P.A. has achieved success because we offer Information, Guidance and Counsel with every corporation or limited liability company formed!

We are the low cost providers of incorporation and LLC formation services. This year we will form over 10,000 corporations and LLC's.

Most of our clients are repeat customers or referred to us by users of our services.

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